WordPress Themes and plugins need updates regularly

Many WordPress platform site owners are learning the hard way about being ignorant to web site ownership.

If you get a site from someone you need key things to make sure your site doesn’t deteriorate.

  1. Regular backup on the server your site was moved to. For some solutions your site will be back up in seconds and working like it used to.
  2. Set WordPress “core” to update automatically so security vulnerabilities get addressed
  3. Get WordPress security that is more extensive. Wordfence is a great solution if you know how to set it up and respond if something happens.
  4. Get plugin updater that updates plugins regularly but checks for conflicts before it updates

These 4 things will protect your investment and not have your site down and paying $$$$ to get it restored.

  • If you have a DIY WordPress site and don’t have a backup solution and update system and its been a month your site may be at risk