Real Estate Businesses | NON Real Estate Businesses

There is a lot of synergy that can come between both businesses if they work together with content and social media. Real Estate Agents and Brokers are known to be the welcome wagon to those moving to their location.

They get asked a bazillion questions about who they recommend for local services, where to go for this and that and so much more.

Yet when you go to their website and social media its barren. The ones that incorporate community information showcasing some of the local shops and people get more clients. Why?

First, it satisfies their need to connect and get a feel of the area. Second, it showcases that you offer more service. By taking the time to provide the content you are subliminally saying you went out of your way when others are not. The biggest thing is that you come across more like an ambassador to the area rather than a salesperson.

OK, so what does that mean for you? If you are a real estate business we will help you get that branding that has you looking better above the rest. If you are a local business we will get you the exposure by being a local authority for your product with real estate businesses in your area. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Web Site we will have you showing up in the search engines in ways that get you sales.

Reach out to talk about your specific goals.