Performance Guarantee

Real Estate Website Performance Guarantee 

  Most companies don’t offer guarantees . 

The ones that do are just guaranteeing their sites work in basic terms; pages display, forms submit and get emailed to you,etc. Then a few slick ones have promises but nothing in writing or use a play on words like the “we will get you on the first page of search engines for $19.95” types that just put you on pay per click .  The list goes on but all are allot  like the marketing you see everywhere else; just hype and no meat. Just web designers and SEO guys coming across like experts but are just web site or search engine scams .

We offer a real estate web site “Performance” guarantee for certain packages. 

If you follow our guidelines to internet success and don’t make money we buy our site back! Why would we be so confident? We are half geeks and half high-powered real estate professionals. We designed all that we sell first so we could use our products to bring in real estate SALES, so we know our products work.

We come FROM the real estate, investor and mortgage business . 

Some of us have 35 years real estate business experience. ALL of us have been in your client’s seat and bought property. We started doing websites for OUR ventures because we found that hiring web design companies was a waste of time because they wouldn’t be accountable for results. As our sites made money when others didn’t, real estate professionals asked us “who did your site?” We got so many requests that in 2003 (after averaging selling 2 homes a month JUST from the internet from one site) then saw so many “web experts” claiming to be gurus when two years before they were the flunkies we hired that came up short we figured we should get into the game.

Most companies yes you to death till they get the check then weeks later came back with something that wasn’t “IT.” It was just a piece, not a complete package for what we needed. We work with you; as you do the things necessary that only you the agent can do we work with you to maximize exposure to your involvement in your profession. NO one else does this in the Real Estate Web Design Industry.

What we found was Real estate web site design companies are just clerks . 

They never worked in real estate and don’t know what you go through or need to perform. They want YOU to do the work and they will put it together. THEN you have to find someone who knows how to promote your site. It would be like hiring a contractor that tells you they will build your home but then you find out they just do framing and YOU have to find contractors for all the other pieces of the puzzle. Thank goodness real estate isn’t like web design.

But the real estate web design industry is still in the stone age when it comes to web design providers actually offering an all-encompassing marketing solution, not just pieces to put together. We found that Realtors using our competitors have to invest 15 hours a week just to figure out their website, many even more to run it effectively. They hire a staff just for their real estate internet marketing campaign . Think your done? nope. After you get your site from one person, search engine techniques from another and mailing campaigns from a third? You STILL have to oversee it to figure out what is working, are all the pieces working together, are you attracting people from all the groups of people you normally deal with, is your site creating the emotion to hire you and more.

These are the things that we came across too ten years ago when we were just in the real estate and mortgage businesses. But some of us dusted off our computer IT degrees and hired a few geniuses that had a passion for our visions so we could build a great site for us that MADE money, we found that we created something that high-powered real estate professionals like us would want too.

So although we have only been selling these since 2003, since 1996 we have been successful in having performing websites. A few of us went in the IT direction while the rest still stayed successful in real estate and mortgage lending to keep the team up to date and more progressive. This synergy allows us to have no one else in the industry has; to offer EVERYTHING that you need to be successful, period. Web design for real estate performance , search engine optimization for real estate , site popularity promotion, lead generation , email drip system campaigns , print material, video, virtual tours, real estate web mastering,  lead sales management ,  real estate coaching and more. Not to sell you something but to make sure you had everything from one source . One ACCOUNTABLE source that if one thing wasn’t working right that they would MAKE it right and wouldn’t shrug their shoulders and say “hey that’s not my problem.”

You are held responsible for everything when dealing with your clients, why not have a media company that will be responsible to you for everything concerning your success on the internet? Contact us