Twitter needs no introduction. For businesses and agents you need to have it integrated in your web presence in a way that isn’t laborsome but gets you business.

Twitter has the ability to create impulse actions. If its a path of least resistance effort you can get amazing results.

Learning how to let other social media components do the heavy lifting for you is the key. YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and your website can auto post to twitter. You can modify how each “talks” to your Twitter audience.

Then its losing weight mentality toward it – one pound at a time and don’t get overwhelmed. There is a tendency to use it directly. Do that and the lord of the rings effect takes over and you lost your balance and become unproductive.  Set it up properly and never login. You will be amazed at the results.

Then for the advanced users its working on the tendency to lose balance from work and personal. Too salesy or personal alienates one side of the audience. Attracting the high end twitter user takes finesse but by learning the recipe you can get loyalty from that part of it.