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Web Sites used to be simple. These days though its not enough to make a pretty website. You have to have a site with an architecture that makes it Search Engine Friendly and Social Media Friendly.

The problem is that architecture is something the typical client can’t see. Even web site makers haven’t understood us when we try to help them. However when you have it everything is easier. Sites work better for the end user, pages rank easier without needing an SEO person, social media gets seen better and more.

How a web site is built and on what platform with what add ons or plugins determines effectiveness. It determines how easy SEO and Social Media efforts will be. The wrong site and its pushing a car uphill with flat tires.

The problem is that many of these self proclaimed web geniuses are so darn convincing. They throw out slang you don’t know and have a logic that with the slang make it seem like they are the ones to use. Yet a few months later and they are blaming everyone else but themselves for why its not working like other sites.

Why? because this industry is setup that way. Each person sells their piece (web site, seo, social media, mobile,idx,etc) and if it doesn’t work they point the finger at the other pieces. Even when we prove its their product that was the broken link they will start trying to through geek phrases at us (even though we are in the same industry and understand what they say is bullshit) to try to get out of the box we put them in.

So how do figure out who to choose? Try to find a company that is responsible to you for it all; site, seo, social media, mobile, branding, coaching,etc. That will give you a guarantee that if you do your side (provide pics, videos, testimonials, answers and comments on how your business is going each month,etc) they will get you business or buy it all back. Yeah you thinking we are saying to use us…maybe. Find someone else with our all encompassing services and track record AND a written contract and if you do try them. We just feel for those that get mesmerized with web designers that are outdated. They cost their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars of commissions they don’t get because the client doesn’t know better. We hope you see the light soon.

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