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Doing this since the 90’s I’ve had success on the internet with websites, SEO, social media, reputation management and more and years later I have resisted TikTok because of the rumors the chinese own it and are using it for evil. Now I’ve seen the massive numbers and that Youtube and facebook and instagram paid for negative seo I know am open to it.

This is a diary of my attempt to take my success on the internet on most things and learning from teenagers AND older on how they are truly making money on it.

  • Helen Polise (@TheMutherShip)
  • Rachel Pedersen (@themrspedersen)
  • Lauren Taylor (@lauren_taylor_)
  • Max Finn (@maxwell_finn)

more coming soon here


So here is my checklist of what I am doing on a few clients accounts. I’ll add more (with links to visual examples) soon

  • Business versus personal
  • create account using email
  • edit profile
  • Course from via teachable (essential)
  • Initial posts; about me, why us, 5 videos about the areas your channel will niche to (what I learned in high school physics about nodal lines saves me again)
  • hashtags for the first 28 video

TikTok video styles

  • “that’s not my name”
  • Day in the life of
  • Day in the life in (city or community)
  • Rep video
  • Rep video with client interviews
  • Market reports
  • What you can buy for $_______ in _______
  • I thought I was going to Target but this is where ended up
  • Walk throughs of properties
  • Walk through of popular restaurants
  • Where in (city) are we?
  • Pets
  • Reason to leave being a renter
  • Landlord thanking renters for paying for his property all these years
  • Views of points of interest
  • State mortgage programs
  • Credit 3 versions (rapid rescore, etc, etc)
  • Things to do to sell home
  • How to get renovating done and paid for at closing
  • Best backyards
  • Things to do in private community
  • How we helped a first responder
  • Local business spotlight
  • What to look for when touring an open house
  • How to get ready to photo the home
  • What media do you need (photo, vid,aerial360, 5D, virtual meeting, etc)
  • Moving from ________ to here
  • Tax tips (capital gains in 2yrs free )
  • throwing work clothes at camera then wardrobe change
  • ___ most expensive houses in _______
  • How our buyers won the offer
  • Interest rates lock in
  • 8 ways to refresh your home for sale
  • Rent vs own 1 lifestyles and 1 finance numbers
  • Selfies of an open house featuring points of the house, front/back, neighborhood
  • Which areas have appreciated most
  • What to do on the weekend in _________
  • Mistake that almost ruined the deal and how you fixed
  • Things you thought how they worked before you became an expert
  • Top 5 things relocators want to know about ___________
  • Common myths about buying/selling/financing/closing
  • Talk about your struggle
  • Things people fear about buying/selling
  • Top technology to help

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